Zoning, Development & Permits

Looking to build or renovate this year? The Village of Carbon Hill can help get your project off the ground with all the proper documentation.


Find out about the zoning regulations in Carbon Hill. We have information on subdivision regulations, mobile home park regulations, and more.

New Development

Are you considering building a new house? Let us help you with information on construction permits, building plans, zoning requests, and more!


Do you need to do any work on your property? Let us help you with information on Development Requests, Building Permits, Zoning Requests, and more!

Committee Members

  • Rich Jurzak (Zoning Chairman)
  • Dave Togliatti (Zoning Board)
  • James Santangelo (Zoning Board)
  • Craig Surman (Zoning Board)
  • Rodney Platt (Building Inspector)

Interested in joining one of our Committees? Please contact us here.