Village Departments

2023 Consolidated Election Pre-Filing Notice

The Village of Carbon Hill offers a wide variety of departments that help to make our community function and grow:

Department – Parks

This department works to ensure that the Villages Parks are kept looking beautiful while also helping to facilitate local actives.
Board Member: Eric Johnson

Department – Streets and Alleys

This department works to maintain our roads and alley ways between our homes and ensure there is no major issues, damages or blocks.
Board Member: Lorna Surman

Department – Finance

This department is in charge of maintaining village financials.
Board Member: Laura Jones
Treasurer: Felicia Riggi

Department РMaintenance 

This department helps to maintain municipality structures and service equipment used to maintain the community.
Board Member: Paul Opyd

Department – Water and Sewer

This department is in charge of making sure no major water issues happen with the town along with ensuring septic functionality.
Board Member: Laura Johnson
Water Clerk: Lisa McCure

Department РZoning 

This department helps with zoning permits and license needed for all new construction or renovations in the village.
Chairmen: Ron Taylor

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