Trash & Recycling Services

Important: The Village of Carbon Hill has chosen LRS to provide weekly collection of garbage and every other week recycling beginning June 1. New service day will be FRIDAY effective the week of June 3rd, 2024.  VoCH LRS Brochure

  • Final Waste Management Service: Wednesday, May 29th (Delayed one day due to memorial day)
    • Leave WM bins at curb for WM to collect bins after final service
    • LRS will drop new resident bins in accordance with attached brochure
  • LRS First Service Date: Saturday, June 1st (Refuse & Recycle)
  • LRS Next Service Date: Friday, June 7th (Refuse & Recycle)

Contact Information for LRS



Phone: 815-725-4555

Existing Waste Management Service Information

All items must be placed no later than 6 am on the day of collection. Carts should be placed with the handle facing away from the roadway and about 2 ft apart. After collection all carts should be removed no later than the day of collection day which is TUESDAY.

For further information please contact Waste Management at 800-964-8988.

2024 Collection Schedule


Each home is provided with a 64 or 96 gallon garbage cart for refuse disposal free of charge. Additional garbage may be placed in either plastic bags or containers that are no greater than 32 gallon in size and do not exceed 50 lbs. All garbage should be properly contained in a rigid container to prevent littering.

  • Bulk items will be collected with the weekly pickup. (i.e. couch, small tables, mattress, toilet, etc…) one bulk item will collected per week.
  • Carpet is considered a bulk item and must be cut and rolled in 4 ft lengths. Each roll must not weigh more than 50 lbs. All carpeting and padding must be secured with tape or string. Up to 8 rolls per week will be collected as a bulk item.


Each home is provided with a 96 gallon recycling cart with a yellow lid. Collection is every other week.

Spring / Fall

A spring and fall cleanup will be provided to all residents. White goods (refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc…) additional bulk items and up to 4 automobile tires (no rims) will be collected. Please look for updates on your utility bill or the website as Waste Management schedules with the village.

Village Spring Clean-Up date is set for: April 16th, 2024 (WM)

Village Fall Clean-Up date is set for: November 8th, 2024 (LRS)

Village Wide Clean Up: CONTRACTOR shall provide for a spring and fall curbside collection of  REFUSE MATERIALS, BULK ITEMS, WHITE GOODS  and up to four (4) automobile tires (no rims) on the regular collection day at no additional charge to the residents.   The CONTRACTOR and the VILLAGE will mutually agree on the date of the clean up.  WHITE GOODS will be charged at $40.00 per item outside of the clean up schedule. Tires will be charged at $15.00 without the rim and $25.00 with the rim. Payments for the collection of WHITE GOODS and tires will be paid directly to the CONTRACTOR by the resident.